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Inflatable Duct Plug: Industrial Blocking Solutions

High Temp Duct Plug built for First Energy

Inflatable duct plugs are large, pneumatic structures that can act as barriers, isolating walls or even platforms inside duct work & large air ducts. They are often used in the power generation industry as a supplement to help seal leaky dampers in many combined cycle power plant ducts, electricity generating plants. Some of the most frequent uses of duct plugs are in SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems, FGD Flue Gas Ducting, HRSG Heat Recovery Steam Generator Stacks, Gas Turbines and large scale Chimney Plugs.

Duct plugs require a constant air source that is supplied in the form of a blower system that runs on either 120v or 220v constant electricity. Typically, inflation takes less than 3-5 minutes depending on the structure's volume and the blower system's CFM output (cubic feet per minute.) 

Our sewn product is unique in nature. An inflatable duct plug can be passed through access doors & openings in ducting without having to interrupt service. Using an inflatable makes it possible to avoid having to remove large panels of a duct to accommodate wood framing, scaffolding and large sheets of plastic. This saves time, money and materials in an industry when time is critical. The compact, uninflated plugs can easily be installed inside a duct, drastically decreasing the time and man power needed to block a large area quickly.

Inflatable duct plugs can also be deflated and removed from the duct in a series of quick steps. Basic steps include: turning off the inflation fan, opening access zippers and releasing the anchor straps.  The properties of a foldable, collapsible barrier allow these units to be transported and installed in a much smaller amount of time in comparison to conventional building materials. The savings in time is exponential.

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A good portion of our catalog is fabricated using a 400 denier Pack Cloth. This tough, durable fabric has a polyurethane coating, yet remains flexible and easy to work with. The coating makes this fabric water repellent yet lightweight. It is also extremely abrasion resistant.

We also construct a heavy duty line of inflatables; including platforms and decking that inflate using air and other specialty fabrics. These tougher materials include: 1000d Urethane Coated Cordura, 1680d Ballistic Urethane Coated Cordura, 10oz & 18oz Vinyl Coated Nylon and also a Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric and Kevlar materials that are heat rated for up to 500°F (260ºC).  1000d Cordura & Vinyl Coated Nylon materials can  be used for duct plugs and platforms that will be in harsh environments where puncturing and sharp objects pose a serious threat. 

Operating environment, temperature, location and installation logistics determine the type of fabric and anchoring system used when designing each project. Fabrication time is typically 2-3 weeks from the day of deposit. Expedited design and fabrication is available.

We design and manufacture cold air inflatables, duct plugs, strikeable objects for the auto industry & scientific measuring devices for documenting vehicle sensor placement domestically in the United States in our Northeastern Ohio facility.

Our sealed line of inflatables is manufactured over seas in a state of the art facility. Sealed plugs are air tight and do not require a constant source of air. Manufactured from .9mm vinyl coated nylon, they are extremely durable.

sealed inflatable plug

There are many applications for Perpetual Evolution's line of inflatable duct plug products. Some of the most frequently requested and manufactured designs are built to perform & compliment the following scenarios: 

SCR - Selective Catalytic Reduction & FGD - Flue-Gas Desulfurization 
Gas Turbine & Combustion Turbine Duct Plugs HRSG Exhaust Stacks - Heat Recovery Steam Generator Stack / Chimney Plugs
High Temperature Inflatable Duct Plugs Primary Air Ducts - including Coal Pulverisers
Axial Flow Fan Inflatable Donuts Inflatable Bulkheads - including pass through door ways and access points Inflatable Platforms - boilers, hoppers, pressure vessels and storage tanks
F.M.E. applications - Foreign Material Exclusion Barriers
Round, Square and Rectangular shaped ducting in place of temporary walls and barriers
Sealed Inflatable Plugs that do not require a constant source of air
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